Crate physis

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Implementation of the Blowfish ECB block cipher used by the retail client.
Reading and writing the boot data repository.
Common structures used by other modules.
Reading equipment and equipment-related data.
Reading Excel data files (EXD).
Reading Excel header files (EXH).
Reading Excel lists (EXL).
Reading file into files (FIIN).
Reading and writing game data repositories, such as “ffxiv” and “ex1”, and so on.
Reading and writing SqPack index files.
Reading and writing chat logs (LOG).
Reading model (MDL) files.
Reading material files (MTRL)
Methods for installing game and boot patches.
All of the races in Eorzea in a nice enum package.
Parsing game repositories, such as “ffxiv”, “ex1” and their version information.
Reading Havok XML sidecar files.
Common methods and structures relating to the SqPack data format.
Reading textures (TEX).


Creates a enum list of combined race identifiers. For example, (Hyur, Midlander, Male) becomes a new variant called HyurMidlanderMale.