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Shader Package (.shpk)


This documentation is incomplete, resource and scalar parameters are not documented yet.

A collection of vertex and pixel shaders. A good example is “character.shpk” which contains - you guessed it - character shaders.

Header Structure #

All values are in little-endian.

Offset Type Purpose
0x00 4 character ASCII string Magic, should read “ShPk”.
0x04 Unknown 4 byte. Unknown.
0x08 4 character ASCII string The format of the shader, e.g. “DX11”.
0x0C 32-bit integer File length in bytes.
0x10 32-bit integer Offset in bytes to the shader bytecode.
0x14 32-bit integer Offset in bytes to the parameter list.
0x18 32-bit integer Number of vertex shaders.
0x1C 32-bit integer Number of pixel shaders.
0x20 32-bit integer Number of scalar parameters.
0x24 32-bit integer Number of resource parameters.

Reading shader bytecode #

Getting the shader bytecode from a shader package is easy, it begins at the shader bytecode offset in the header. Then, move your cursor up 12 bytes (to skip the initial DXBC ASCII, and some garbage data).

Then, collect a WORD (4 bytes) at a time and putting them into a buffer. Keep doing this until you hit the next DXBC ASCII and you found a complete shader bytecode. Rinse and repeat and you should have N shaders where N = number of vertex shaders + number of pixel shaders.

The format of this shader bytecode is nothing special, it’s DXBC (the bytecode format used by DirectX before DXIL.) If you want to reverse this into something usable, like SPIR-V, HLSL or GLSL then you need to find a decompiler.

Alternative Implementations #