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Character Creation Data (.dat)


This documentation is incomplete.

This contains the data you can save and load from the character creator, used not only in the retail client but the benchmark versions too.

Reading #

The structure is very simple, it’s only a series of fields.

Version 4 #

struct CharacterData {
    // The version of the character data, the only supported version right now is 4.
    uint32_t version: u32,

    // The checksum of the data fields.
    uint32_t checksum: u32,

    uint32_t _unknown1;

    // The race of the character.
    uint8_t race: Race,

    // The gender of the character.
    uint8_t gender: Gender,

    // The age of the character. Normal = 1, Old = 3, Young = 4.
    uint8_t age: u8,

    // The height of the character.
    uint8_t height: u8,

    // The character's subrace.
    uint8_t subrace: Subrace,

    // The character's selected head.
    uint8_t head: u8,

    // The character's selected hair.
    uint8_t hair: u8,

    // If hair highlights are enabled for this character.
    uint8_t enable_highlights,

    // The character's skin tone.
    uint8_t skin_tone: u8,

    // The character's right eye color.
    uint8_t right_eye_color: u8,

    // The character's hair color.
    uint8_t hair_tone: u8,

    // The color of the hair highlights.
    uint8_t highlights: u8,

    // The selected facial features.
    uint8_t facial_features: u8,

    // If the character has limbal eyes.
    uint8_t limbal_eyes: u8,

    // The character's selected eyebrows.
    uint8_t eyebrows: u8,

    // The character's left eye color.
    uint8_t left_eye_color: u8,

    // The character's selected eyes.
    uint8_t eyes: u8,

    // The character's selected nose.
    uint8_t nose: u8,

    // The character's selected jaw.
    uint8_t jaw: u8,

    // The character's selected mouth.
    uint8_t mouth: u8,

    // The character's selected pattern.
    uint8_t lips_tone_fur_pattern: u8,

    // The character's selected tail.
    uint8_t tail: u8,

    // The character's choice of face paint.
    uint8_t face_paint: u8,

    // The size of the character's bust.
    uint8_t bust: u8,

    // The color of the face paint.
    uint8_t face_paint_color: u8,

    // The character's chosen voice.
    uint8_t voice: u8,

    uint8_t _garbage;

    // The timestamp when the preset was created.
    uint8_t timestamp[4];

Alternative Implementations #