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Launcher (ffxivlauncher.exe)


This documentation is incomplete.

This is the program that logins into the official servers and launches the game.

History #

There are two different versions of the launcher, one “old” and one “new”.

The old launcher designThe new launcher design

The old launcher has been there since launch, but was on the path to be retired since the new launcher design was used. It seems as of Patch 6.5, the old launcher can no longer be used and all users must use the new design.

Internals #

The launcher is actually a website, and the launcher is served by the Frontier server on URLs such as https://frontier.ffxiv.com/version_4_0_win/index.html?1559390056785.

In order for the launcher to actually launch anything useful, it uses JavaScript callbacks into native code.

For details on how logging into the Square Enix servers work, see the relevant page on this concept.

Arguments #


Like the other executables, it requires you to pass these using the SqexArg format.

Alternative Implementations #