XIV Docs

Logging into Sapphire Servers

Sapphire has a much, much easier login process than the official servers, which only consist of one or two requests.

Logging in #

POST http(s)://{sapphire_lobby_url}/sapphire-api/lobby/login

You’ll need to construct a JSON body as follows:

    "username": {username},
    "pass": {pass}

Of course, {username} and {password} is the user account credentials.

The response is also JSON, and if it’s not empty (which indicates a login error) it will be constructed like this:

    "sId": {SID},
    "lobbyHost": {lobby_host},
    "frontierHost": {frontier_host}

Now you can launch the game! See ffxiv.exe for more arguments. For a quick rundown:

Registering an account #

POST http(s)://{sapphire_lobby_url}/sapphire-api/lobby/createAccount

This request is identical to the one used for logging in, so refer to the section above for details.