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This documentation is incomplete nd may be missing information for weapons, demihumans, other races and slot types.

This is useful for people implementing similar TexTools or FFXIV Explorer functionality, and it’s actually trivial to do so. Before you can do so, you must be able to read Excel data sheets.

Read item data #

The Excel sheet you’re interested is called item and since it also contains localized names make sure to choose the relevant language sheet. Once you have done so, you’re interested in a couple of columns (tested as of 6.1):

Reading the slot id #

You’ll get an integer from the slot item column, and this corresponds to a specific slot:

Integer Slot
3 Head
4 Body
5 Hands
7 Legs
8 Feet
9 Earring
10 Neck
11 Wrists
12 Rings

Reading the model data #

There are two separate integers, primary and secondary. Right now, we’re only interested in the first 2 bytes of the primary integer - this is your primary ID.

Grabbing the equipment path #


{race_id} is the race-specific equipment you want. {model_id} is the primary model id.

Note: :04d means that it must be padded with 4 zeroes.