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Building Dalamud plugins on Linux

Believe it or not, it’s actually very easy to develop with Dalamud on Linux since they moved to .NET Core!

For example, in JetBrain’s Rider you can open any Dalamud project and have it build out of the box.

The .NET SDK #

You need the .NET SDK of course, which is in many package managers:

Fixing DalamudLibPath #

Depending on the plugin, it might already have sensible paths to the Dalamud library folder. The SamplePlugin is an example of this. If it doesn’t, or you don’t use XIVQuickLauncher/XIV.Core then you need to manually edit the path. Tweak the <DalamudLibPath> folder to the location where your Dalamud.dll and files sit, and you’ll know when you’re successful when .NET stops screaming.

If for some reason your build of Dalamud is not a developer-enabled one, check the Dalamud release server for a download URL.

The devPlugin path #

Remember that when entering the dev plugin path in the Dalamud settings, to prepend it with Z: and take care of your slashes so they make sense under Wine.