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Community Projects

Here’s a list of interestings projects I’ve come across:

Launchers #

Alternative programs for the official launcher.

XIVQuickLauncherA faster launcher for our favorite critically acclaimed MMO, with various available addons and enhancements to the game!https://goatcorp.github.io/
XIVLauncher.CoreCross-platform version of XIVLauncher, optimized for Steam Deckhttps://github.com/goatcorp/XIVLauncher.Core
XIV on MacWine Wrapper, Setup tool and launcher for FFXIV on machttp://www.xivmac.com/
microlaunchA native Linux launcher for FINAL FANTASY XIV Online written in Rusthttps://github.com/eorzeatools/microlaunch
Seventh UmbralLauncher for FFXIV 1.xhttps://github.com/jpd002/SeventhUmbral
Astra1A FFXIV launcher that supports profiles, multiple accounts and Dalamud plugins.https://xiv.zone/astra/

Clients #

Alternative programs for the official client.

SaBOTenderFFXIV Clientlesshttps://github.com/shalzuth/SaBOTender

Servers #

Alternative programs for the official servers such as Frontier or Lobby.

SapphireA Final Fantasy XIV 4.0+ Server Emulator written in C++https://github.com/SapphireServer/Sapphire/
Project MeteorFinal Fantasy XIV 1.X Server Emulatorhttps://bitbucket.org/Ioncannon/project-meteor-server/
Kawari1Substitute for some official FFXIV servershttps://github.com/redstrate/kawari

Libraries #

Libraries to interact with game data, read formats and more.

xivModdingFrameworkThe library that powers TexTools. Can read/write models, textures, materials etc.https://github.com/TexTools/xivModdingFramework
LuminaA simple, performant and extensible framework for interacting with FFXIV game datahttps://github.com/NotAdam/Lumina
XandeA C# library for interacting with FINAL FANTASY XIV modelshttps://github.com/xivdev/Xande
Penumbra.GameDataGame Data preparation for Penumbra.https://github.com/Ottermandias/Penumbra.GameData/
FFXIVClientStructsResources for reverse-engineering the FFXIV client’s native classes.https://github.com/aers/FFXIVClientStructs/
Physis1Data framework for FFXIVhttps://github.com/redstrate/physis

Plugin Frameworks #

Ways to extend the game at runtime with new capabilities.

DalamudFFXIV plugin framework and APIhttps://github.com/goatcorp/Dalamud

Miscellaneous #

Projects that don’t fit into any other category.

OuroburosReverse engineering and modding of some shaders of a popular gamehttps://github.com/Shaderlayan/Ouroboros
benchtweaksSmall tweaks for the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Dawntrail benchmarkhttps://github.com/NotNite/benchtweaks
FFXIV vulgar words readerFFXIV vulgarwordsfilter.dic parserhttps://github.com/Lotlab/ffxiv-vulgar-words-reader/

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