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This documentation is incomplete.

FFXIV for some reason has a budding ecosystem of interesting open source projects and libraries.

Launchers #

Alternative programs for the official launcher.

Name Description Website
XIVQuickLauncher A faster launcher for our favorite critically acclaimed MMO, with various available addons and enhancements to the game! https://goatcorp.github.io/
XIVLauncher.Core Cross-platform version of XIVLauncher, optimized for Steam Deck https://github.com/goatcorp/XIVLauncher.Core
XIV on Mac Wine Wrapper, Setup tool and launcher for FFXIV on mac http://www.xivmac.com/
microlaunch A native Linux launcher for FINAL FANTASY XIV Online written in Rust https://github.com/eorzeatools/microlaunch
Astra A FFXIV launcher that supports profiles, multiple accounts and Dalamud plugins. https://xiv.zone/astra/

Clients #

Alternative programs for the official client.

Name Description Website
SaBOTender FFXIV Clientless https://github.com/shalzuth/SaBOTender

Servers #

Alternative programs for the official servers such as Frontier or Lobby.

Name Description Website
Sapphire A Final Fantasy XIV 4.0+ Server Emulator written in C++ https://github.com/SapphireServer/Sapphire/
Kawari Substitute for some official FFXIV servers https://git.sr.ht/~redstrate/kawari

Libraries #

Libraries to interact with game data, read formats and more.

Name Description Website
xivModdingFramework The library that powers TexTools. Can read/write models, textures, materials etc. https://github.com/TexTools/xivModdingFramework
Lumina A simple, performant and extensible framework for interacting with FFXIV game data https://github.com/NotAdam/Lumina
Xande A C# library for interacting with FINAL FANTASY XIV models https://github.com/xivdev/Xande
Physis Data framework for FFXIV https://git.sr.ht/~redstrate/physis
libxiv A (deprecated) modding framework for FFXIV written in C++ https://git.sr.ht/~redstrate/libxiv

Plugin Frameworks #

Ways to extend the game at runtime with new capabilities.

Name Description Website
Dalamud FFXIV plugin framework and API https://github.com/goatcorp/Dalamud