This is my collection of everything I know, and that I collected on FFXIV inner workings. This information was previously hosted in my ffxiv-info repository on GitHub, but moved here to it’s own website.

Developers, please look at the end of each page for example implementations that I know of. I find it incredibly useful to look at them, especially if I’m stuck on implementing something. If you have a project that you want to add to the list or suggest any kind of edit, don’t hesitate to email me or fix it yourself!

Executables #

Note: These are actually referring to their 64-bit counterparts, e.g. ffxivboot.exe is ffxivboot64.exe.

Boot #

Game #

Other #

Concepts/Techniques #

File Formats #

Excel #

  • .exd - Excel data.
  • .exh - Excel header.
  • .exl - Excel list.

Graphics #

  • .mdl - Game model.
  • .shpk - Shader packages.

SqPack #

Other #

Credits #

This wouldn’t be possible without all of the great people who open-source their work, and everyone else in the FFXIV community!